Natural 7 Colors/Set Energy Stone Chakra

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The root chakra feeling week, tired, or have low motivation, Bloodstone, Red Jasper, and Onyx 

The sacral chakra linked to emotions and creativity. Citrine, Carnelian, and Orange Calcite 

The solar plexus chakra represents will, mental capacity, and intellect. Its attributed color is yellow Healing stones that resonate are citrine, yellow sapphire, and amber.

The heart chakra represents love, compassion, and acceptance. Its primary color is green. Emerald, green tourmaline, black tourmaline, rose quartz, or pink tourmaline to balance this chakra.

The throat chakra represents self-expression, communication, and truth.  Blue Sapphire, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, or Turquoise to magnify this chakra.

The third eye chakra associated with the deep indigo blue and purple It represents inner wisdom, intuition, and understanding. Amethyst, Purple Fluorite

The crown chakra is associated with white and violet, and it is linked to spirituality and consciousness. Clear quartz and light amethyst.

Size: 15x19 mm